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Mobile Phone Cases

Mobile Phone Cases

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Keep your smartphone safe at all times! - With cases made of genuine leather

Most people don't leave the house without their mobile phone nowadays. It has become possibly the most important everyday companion. Whether quickly checking e-mails, making a short call, writing text messages or chating - it is always at hand. Because of this you also want to protection it as best you can. We at Gusti Leather offer you and your smartphone high quality processed leather mobile phone cases, which safely transport your phone from A to B. From iPhone to Samsung - each brand will find something suitable!

For a scratch-free display!

Your mobile phone is well protected in our cases. Simply push it in and you're ready to prevent unsightly scratches on the display. Press snaps or envelope designs ensure that your phone stays in place and does not get lost on the road. Some models also have small external pockets which also allow you to store your loose change or business cards.

Strong as a buffalo!

Our phone cases know to impress with their uniqueness and their individual style. The products by "Gusti Leather studio" are made of robust and solid buffalo hide and are chemically tanned in certified farms, thereby exhibiting particular stability. Our brand stands for comfort and modernity in exclusive and elegant designs.