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Wallets & Purses

Wallets & Purses


  - PURSES -

Stow your money safe and sound! - With our genuine leather wallets and purses

For more than 2,000 years purses have been used to hold coins, gold and gems and provide a safe method of transportation. Wrapped in a single piece of leather which was kitted out at the edges with holes and a string cord, this form of money bag could easily be attached to a belt and allowed the possibility to keep possessions always at ones side. While we at Gusti Leather no longer work with string cords, we still absolutely love high-quality leather! And not only gemstones can find a place in your new wallet or purse! They can also offer you plenty of storage space for notes and numerous ID cards. From your debit card to your supermarket loyalty card, you can easily accommodate everything you will need for day-to-day life. Extra compartments for your small change are of course also available, and press snaps and zips prevent it from tumbling uncontrollably out onto the street.

Give your money a new value!

Our leather wallets are not only extremely practical but also very stylish! The special vintage-style lets retro hearts beat faster and for those who prefer timeless and elegant designs there is something for each of you! For every taste and purpose we have the right wallet or purse for available!

A wallet made of goatskin, cowhide or buffalo leather? Decision for yourself which you prefer!

You can choose from our three types of leather. The buffalo and cowhide is characterized by its exceptional stability, whereas the goatskin knows how to convince with its softness and flexibility. Now you just need you decide which best fits to you! The purses by Gusti Leather are exclusive and natural products and the best part is: every single one is unique! The purses from our brand "Gusti Leather nature" are hand-produced in selected Moroccan tanneries following traditional methods. This process leads to the distinctive look of our products and are associated with long-lasting quality. Our purses are vegetable-tanned and dyed and greased using plant-based solutions. Our brand "Gusti Leather studio" has a higher stability because the leather is tanned in chemically certified farms. Thus, your wallet will have an extra strength that is not only practical, but still displays an exclusive and elegant design.