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86 Item(s)

Show off your classic style! - With our bags made from genuine leather

It is probably one of the oldest accessories in the world - the bag! The tradition reaches far back into the Middle Ages, and although initially only reserved for men, and more women found a passion for this practical, everyday companion. According to these early traditions of the bag and what it stands for, we at Gusti Leather manufacture our products made of genuine leather for both men and women. Our bags are not only convincing through their unique designs, but also impress with their practicality. Whether sporty, casual or classic, whether vintage or trendy - here you can find the perfect leather companion for any situation.

Many pockets - many opportunities

Our wide range of products covers shoulder and handbags, bicycle bags and briefcases, and therefore, all bags are particularly characterized by their functional interior. In addition to the large main internal compartments, the smaller inner and outer pockets provide the opportunity to securely stow your belongings. Velcro, magnets, zips and buckles provide additional security so that documents, books or your laptop remain reliably in place. Even the straps can adapts to your needs.

Buffalo hide, cowhide or goatskin – Which leather suits you?

We offer you three different types of leather. The bags made from cowhide or buffalo hide have thicker material and are therefore more robust and firmer. The models made of goatskin, however, are more flexible, and also soften over time . Decide for yourself which leather corresponds best to your requirements.

Bags as individual as you are!

Individuality is very important to the products of Gusti Leather! With our "Gusti Leather nature" brand, they are purely natural products that are vegetable tanned, dyed and oiled using the traditional method based on plants and greased. Through the use of natural raw materials, each bag is unique. Production takes place in selected Moroccan tanneries according to traditional methods, leading not only to the very special style of bags, but also to a long-lasting product quality. Our bags branded "Gusti Leather studio" stand for the fashion conscious, for comfort in an exclusive design. The chemical tanning in certified farms makes these bags are particularly stable and practical for everyday life. So if you're still looking for the right and a special bag, you'll surely find it here!