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With our Satchels you're ready for anything!

Practical, stylish, roomy, individual..... - your leather bag must meet various needs to become the perfect companion whether at work, for everyday, or at uni. Our leather satchels from Gusti Leather fit to any requirements - from classic vintage chic to modern up-to-date designs, we have something to suit every taste.Turn heads wherever you go with our style-conscious creations.

Everything you need in one place.

Not only the appearance, but the functionality are convincing. Your individual need are catered to with our ample bags. From large laptops and folders for uni or work, to small notebooks and everyday essentials. The internal and external pockets offer the possibility to have all of your essentials at your fingertips. Whether taking a stroll through the city or a longer trip away, our bags are the ideal companions when on the move. Buckle, zip, magnet and velcro closures ensure that your belongings are always with you.

Satchels from goatskin, buffalo hide and cowhide - which will you choose?

Choose from three great different types of leather. Our bags made from slightly thicker cowhide and buffalo hide are robuster and sturdier. Our models in goatskin are, in contrast, more flexible and soften quickly with time. Each Gusti Leather bag is completely individual and has its own unique "fingerprint". Our "Gusti Leather nature" bags are natural products which are hand-finished and dyed following traditional methods in selected Moroccan tanneries. These products are tanned, dyed and oiled using plant and vegetable based solutions, and because of this, it can sometimes be the case that the bag retains a strong leather smell which quickly reduces with regular use. Small scratches and scuffs in the leather also prove the free-range nature of the goats we use for our bags. These can be easily removed with the gentle application of sunflower oil or beeswax, which also adds to the vintage look of the bag. If a stable yet stylish bag is what you're looking for, our "Gusti Leather studio" brand is perfect for you! In certified farms, chemically tanned leather gives our bags a special strength and makes them ideal for everyday.