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Gusti Leder studio

Gusti Leder studio stands for practicality and transparency.

What does this mean? Gusti Leder studio is a brand that offers products that are designed to accompany a busy yet stylish city lifestyle. These products are designed and perfected to serve every customers’ need, therefore practicality is key. These products are produced in India and are tanned and dyed using conventional methods. Gusti Leather designs each and every product and the products are of a very high quality and are hand-crafted. By chemically tanning and dying the leather, the products become strong and durable. The production of our “Gusti Leder studio” items is through larger companies which comply with international production standards, such as SA 8000. Regular laboratory tests ensure that guidelines regarding the use of Chrome VI are adhered to. The tests are recognized both in Indian laboratories, as well as by “FILK - Capacity Building Research Institute of Leather and Plastic Sheeting” (most recent report dated 17/02/2014).

For those who are conscious about where the leather comes from, we would like to confirm that the animals are killed for their meat and not for their skin. We only use what would otherwise be thrown away. Due to the low cost of this by-product, we are able to sell our products at very reasonable prices.

We take all measures necessary to ensure that our employees are living comfortably and that they are working in good and suitable conditions. We visit our producers at least twice a year to maintain a close relationship, ensure that everything is running smoothly and that they have everything they need. On the other hand however, we have also put measures into place that ban child labour during any stage of production for Gusti Leather and if any evidence is found suggesting child labour has been used, Gusti Leather will immediately terminate any further business with that producer.

Gusti Leather does not use any form of middleman and we work directly with our producers. This means that the money goes directly to those who deserve it and this, along with frequent visits, allows us to maintain a good working relationship.

So why do we tell you all this? We want to be as transparent as possible. Transparency and honesty are of great importance for the founder, Mr Pietsch, “We are happy to answer any questions or queries about production or our products. We believe that every customer should be given the chance to find out exactly what they are buying, before they buy it.”

Further information is available on our Chemical Tanning, Bulk Production, and Mission statement pages.