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Mission Statement

Gusti Leather

At Gusti Leather we pride ourselves in producing and selling fair and high quality products at great prices. We can only achieve this as a team where trust, responsibility and creativity play huge roles.

Teamwork is a huge part of our everyday life. A sense of “togetherness” is important to us because we know that a group is only as good as it´s individuals. That is why we believe that great team efforts form the foundation for our best products.

Developing high quality products and being able to provide a feeling of satisfaction through a great investment is what we want to achieve. We want to progress further and be on top of our game.

We can guarantee ecological sustainability. All of the leather we use is sourced from animals that are bred primarily for meat production in countries such as India and Morocco. We use the by-product which would otherwise be thrown away.

We want to be totally transparent and want our customers to know exactly what goes on behind the scenes. We believe this make us unique. Keeping our customers satisfied by being honest and hardworking is one of our top priorities.

At Gusti Leather we differentiate our leather products in two ways:

Gusti LeatherGusti Leather

Gusti Leather nature focusses solely on leather products that are made from vegetable-tanned goat leather and are produced by family-run businesses in India and Morocco. The leather is tanned using Babool tree bark in traditional tanneries which gives the leather that natural, vintage look. This sustainable method of production does not use any chemicals and provides work for dozens of families.

Gusti Leather studio is a collection of products that is designed to accompany a busy yet stylish city lifestyle. These products are designed and perfected to serve every customers’ need, therefore practicality is key. These products are produced in India and in Italy and are tanned and dyed using conventional methods.

This second product line allows us to offer a wide range of items whilst also allowing us to fulfill your personal requests. The “Gusti Leder studio” products are primarily produced from buffalo leather and cowhides from India and Italy, and the use of Chrome tanning makes this leather particularly sturdy. The production of our “Gusti Leder studio” items is through larger companies which comply with international production standards, such as SA 8000. Regular laboratory tests ensure that guidelines regarding the use of Chrome VI are adhered to. The tests are recognized both in Indian laboratories, as well as by “FILK - Capacity Building Research Institute of Leather and Plastic Sheeting” (most recent report dated 17/02/2014).

We have a close and trusting working relationship with our producers and this is of utmost importance for us at Gusti Leather. Many years of working together and trusting each other has formed a strong foundation for us to build on in the future.

We visit our producers regularly ensuring that all production is carried out under fair and humane conditions. Gusti Leather is a business that makes sure that our producers and their workers can comfortably survive on their pay and we do not tolerate child labour. All of our production contracts are personally overseen by the founder and CEO of Gusti Leather, Christian Pietsch, cutting out the use of middle men or subcontractors. If during a visit we witness or receive notification about any ambiguous activities, our cooperation with that producer will be reviewed and immediately terminated if there is a serious infringement of the production contract.


We pride ourselves on being able to offer you a complete and open experience; from the production of our leather to using your wonderful new leather product for the first time.