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Payment Information

Choose how you would like to pay for your Gusti items. When you purchase online at Gusti Leather, you can choose your payment method at the Checkout.




If you choose to make a transfer, we will send you our bank account details by email. Please transfer into this account the required amount within 14 days stating your order number as reference. As soon as your payment is received, we will send out your items. It can take up to 3 working days for us to receive your payment, depending on the bank. In case of refunds, for order cancellation for example, the bank details from the original payment will be used.

Credit Card

You can also easily and safely pay with credit card. We accept European cards with a Mastercard or Visa symbol. The order will be sent immediately after receiving payment. In case of refunds, for order cancellation for example, the credit card details from the original payment will be used.

Your credit card details will be encrypted using an SSL-Method. This highly secure system makes your credit card payment completely safe.


You can also comfortably and quickly pay with PayPal. At the end of your order, you will be redirected to PayPal, and if you already have a PayPal account you can simply enter your details and confirm the payment. If you do not already have an account, you can either open your own account or sign in as a guest and confirm the payment.

As soon as the payment is received by us, which is usually within minutes, your delivery will start its journey to you.

Should you want to return any items, the PayPal details used in the original payment will be used for a refund.


Amazon Payments

With Amazon payments we can offer our customers a fast, easy and smooth payment method. You can safely move through your purchase without needing to re-enter your payment information. As an Amazon customer, you can also enjoy the benefits of their A-Z Guarantee when shopping online. Millions of Amazon customers can shop without having to enter and re-enter their delivery and payment details. When using this method you remain on our website for the duration of your browse and purchase. As soon as the order has been sent to Amazon, we receive a confirmation email which then allows us to set delivery of your items in motion.


Payment upon delivery


Please be aware that we are only able to offer this service within Germany (with identical billing and delivery address). When you purchase on invoice with payolution, you can conveniently shop, check your goods at home and then pay comfortably, provided you have sufficient credit. You receive a 100% guarantee against misuse of your credit card details as you avoid re-entering your confidential information during the order process. Payment of your invoice completes the sales contract. Payolution reserves the right to check the order data, and reject the P.O.D order without giving reasons.