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Product information "Minna"

For classy and sophisticated leather accessories, look no further than Gusti Leather's wonderful selection. This elegant product is a great example. Its functional design maximises practicality and its smooth, silky texture is evidence of the high-quality leather used to create these special products.

Measurements (WxHxD): 7,3 x 11 x 0,3 cm
Colour: brown
Fastening: Buckle
Tanning: vegetable
Country of production: India
Type of leather: goat
Brand: Gusti Leder nature
Producers: Family producers
Production environment
Production environment
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Leder-Schlüsselanhänger in hellbraun Arien
Leather Keyring
Gusti Leder studio
Runde Ziegenleder Reisetasche in braun Michael
Travel Sports Weekender
Gusti Leder nature
Große Geldbörse aus Ziegenleder Emma
Vintage Wallet Purse
Gusti Leder nature
Brauner Leder-Kofferanhänger Victoria
Luggage Name Tag
Gusti Leder studio
Kleiner Canvas-Leder Weekender Riley
Sports Travel Bag
Gusti Leder studio
Dunkelbraune Büffelleder Bauchtasche Spencer
Bum Bag Festival Bag
Gusti Leder studio
Kleine dunkelbraune Leder-Kosmetiktasche Leo
Vintage Make-Up Beauty Bag
Gusti Leder studio
Schwarze Leder-Aktentasche mit Rucksackfunktion Edgar
Briefcase with Backpack Function
Gusti Leder studio
Hellbraune Passhülle aus Rindsleder Brodie
Document Cover DIN A6 Passport
Gusti Leder studio
Rindsleder Schlüsselanhänger in hellbraun Timo
Leather Keyring
Gusti Leder studio
Braune Rindsleder Schlüsseltasche Walden
Leather Key Pouch
Gusti Leder studio
Hellbraune Leder-Passhülle Friedrich
Vintage Passport Cover
Gusti Leder studio
Summer 7,9" Summer 7,9"
Petite Shoulder Handbag
Gusti Leder nature
Ziegenleder Reisetasche mit Außentaschen Oscar
Travel Duffle Bag
Gusti Leder nature
Vielseitiger Leder-Rucksack in braun Neal
Smart Backpack Satchel Bag
Gusti Leder studio
Ziegenleder Passhülle Malin
Vintage Passport Holder
Gusti Leder nature
Kleine hellbraune Leder-Kosmetiktasche Leo
Vintage Make-Up Beauty Bag
Gusti Leder studio
Kabelhalter aus Ziegenleder Jarl
Vintage Cable Organiser
Gusti Leder nature
Schlichte Leder-Aktentasche mit abgesetzten Nähten James
Leather Business Bag
Gusti Leder nature
£53.99 £87.29
Kleines Spangenportemonnaie in schwarz Frida
Leather Wallet Purse
Gusti Leder studio
Vintage-Geldbörse für Herren Emil
Wallet Purse Vintage
Gusti Leder nature
Große Rindsleder Handtasche in schwarz Cassidy
Leather Shoulder Handbag
Gusti Leder studio
Braune Kulturtasche aus Ziegenleder Billie
Beauty Bag Washbag
Gusti Leder nature
Archie Archie
Travel Bag Hand Luggage
Gusti Leder nature