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The World of Gusti

The World of Gusti


The World of Gusti

“I create the world, the way I want it to be.“ These words, happily sung by Pipi Longstocking have become our own. Gusti Leather isn't just just a company who sell leather bags, but a company who know we have a responsibility to our producers. Instead of simply accepting the current circumstances in leather production, we want to improve these circumstances and strive to have a fair production conditions. This includes fair pay, good working conditions and the absolute prohibition of child labour.


The best combined in in two brands

We offer our products under two brands: “Gusti Leather nature“ and “Gusti Leather studio“. For our „nature“ range, we use goat's leather taken from animals who are free to roam. Sustainability is what makes our leather so special. In the tanning process, we use all natural ingredients, such as the bark of the Indian Babool tree. After the skins dry in the sun, the leather is ready for production. Small family businesses in India and Morocco produce the items in the “nature“ range. They produce the products using traditional production methods, making every bag unique. The “studio“ range is made up mostly of buffalo leather items, tanned chemically. During production, strict checks ensure no poisonous Chrome VI is allowed to build up. Certified workshops in India, which adhere to international production standards (SA8000) build and sew our bags.


Direct and genuine

Our products are sold directly to our customers. We abstain from using any kind of middlemen. That way, we can ensure that our producers receive their full wages for their work. To maintain connections to our producers, our CEO Christian Pietsch and his production team regularly visit the producers to check the conditions and to directly communicate with the producers. This personal relationship is very important to our company as we wish to maintain friendly relations on an equal footing with our colleagues in India and Morocco .