Dye transfer

Leather dye transfer

It’s not unusual for leather products to rub off on other materials and leave marks and there are many reasons why this might be happening.

Dye transfer is caused by fluff on suede. Suede is sanded during the manufacturing process which leaves behind dust particles that can’t be completely removed. If you rub suede lightly with a cloth, you’ll see some dye being transferred to the cloth.

It looks a little different on waxed, or pull up, leather. This type of leather is finished with coloured wax, similar to shoe polish. This means that waxed leather will stain more easily than suedeWarmth and humidity play an important role, as they increase dye transfer.


How do I get rid of stains on leather

There’s a simple test you can do: Rub the dry leather with a light-coloured cloth, watch for dye transfer, then dampen it. A slight transfer of dye is to be expected. However, if a lot of the dye has transferred from the leather to the cloth, you should get in contact with a leather specialist.

Check out this video to find out how to avoid staining your clothes when you receive your new leather bag:

 Video text:

It’s best not to wear your new Gusti Leather bag with light-coloured clothing, to help avoid any dye being transferred to your clothes. We recommend wearing your new leather bestie with darker clothing when you first receive it.


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