Festival belt bags: Everything you need to know

When you’re at a festival, you want to keep your hands free. So a bag that you can wear around your waist, on your hips or over your shoulder is a MUST. What do you need to know when looking for a belt bag?


  • Safe: You want a belt bag that has a zip or a zipped pocket where you can keep your money and I.D. This stops your belongings from falling out but also prevents sticky fingers from getting hold of your essentials.

  • Secure: You want a belt bag that’s fixed securely to your belt. So you can dance and jump around freely without worrying about losing your bag.

  • Stays put: You want a bag with a strap that stays put when you’re moving about. Being able to adjust the straps on your bag means you can adapt it to fit your shape. Another benefit of adjustable straps? You can personalise your bag to carry it over your shoulder, across your chest or around your waist.

  • Size: You want a bag that’s not too big and not too small. A bag that’s too big will be heavy and get in the way on the dance floor. A bag that’s too small won’t have enough space for your things. You need space for your phone, money and tickets when you’re enjoying a festival.


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Cillian model Cillian
Belt bag bum bag leather belt bag handbag brown leather
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Brown Sturdy Leather Belt Bag
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Belt bag bum bag leather belt bag handbag black leather
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