Goatskin leather

What is goatskin leather?

Goatskin leather is the third most produced leather in the world, sitting just behind cowhide leather and sheep leather. There are lots of advantages to using this type of leather to create our products. Goatskin leather, unlike other types of leather, doesn’t have many fat deposits. This makes it robust, yet supple and light. Goatskin leather is cheaper to produce and can be tanned using combination tanning.

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What is goatskin leather used for?

Goatskin leather is often used to create shoes, gloves, and bags. This type of leather is soft and thin, so it’s perfect for crafting leather backpacks and handbags. It’s less suitable for creating briefcases, which need a stiffer type of leather. Goatskin leather is sturdy and durable, so it’s often used to create leather cords, like shoelaces.

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Goatskin Leather at Gusti

We mainly use goatskin leather to create our Gusti Leather nature collection. This fine, soft leather is flexible, so adapts to your needs easily. We use hides from free-range animals in India, which means the leather can sometimes have small marks or blemishes. We tan, dye, and grease the hides using vegetable-based products and processes. This gives our products their distinctive vintage look.

You can see one of our Gusti Leather nature bags being crafted from goatskin leather below:


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